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The all new SUPER truck range launched

Jul 10, 2006

Bridgestone has introduced a new "Super" range of the company's well known Firestone HP3000, PSD3000 and UT3000 steel cord radial truck tyres.

"The new range of our three popular truck tyres is much improved despite the fact that there is no change in external appearance," says Bridgestone's vice president of sales and marketing, Johnny Kuroki. "The changes are the result of ongoing research and development and it incorporates Bridgestone's latest design and manufacturing technology.

The word "Super" on the sidewall distinguishes the new tyres from their predecessors.

A new tread compound results in higher mileage, while new cap/bead construction gives greater resistance to cuts and chipping.

The belt construction is improved to provide for greater heat resistance and new steel and gum substantially increases resistance to BES (belt edge separation) and BLS (belt leaving casing).

The bead also features high turn-up chafer for improved bead durability.

"The addition of the improved and updated "Super" range of Firestone HP, PSD and UT tyres strengthens the range of tyres we offer the truck operator," adds Kuroki.

"While the Bridgestone R227, M729 and M840 are high quality tyres most suitable for long haul operation and Firestone FS400 and FD600 are quality tyres more suited to short haul operation, the Firestone "Super" range is ideal for any operation and offers exceptional value for money."

The new HP3000, PSD3000 and UT3000 "Super" tyres are all available in 315/80R225 and 12R225 sizes.

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