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Bridgestone awarded Official Tyre Supplier contract for 2008 - 2010

Jul 06, 2006

Bridgestone Motorsport is delighted that it has been successful in its tender to become the sole Official Tyre Supplier to the 2008, 2009 and 2010 FIA Formula One World Championships. Bridgestone will also be sole tyre supplier in 2007. The decision was announced yesterday (5 July) by the sport's governing body, the Federation Internationale Automobile (FIA), and Bridgestone is now looking forward to continuing its long-term commitment to a sport it considers to be at the pinnacle of single-seater racing.

Mr. Shoshi Arakawa, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of the Bridgestone Corporation commented: "Bridgestone is delighted to have been selected as the sole Official Tyre Supplier to the FIA Formula One World Championship for the seasons of 2008 to 2010. Bridgestone is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tyres and rubber products and we are very proud that it has been chosen to supply tyres to one of the highest levels of global motorsport. "Since entering Formula One in 1997, Bridgestone has remained committed to supplying the teams and drivers with safe and competitive tyres. We have also relished the technical challenges that we have been presented with during this time. Following this recent announcement our hope and aim is for all parties competing in Formula One and for the sport itself to benefit from our long-term involvement. Bridgestone has considerable experience as a sole tyre supplier in motorsport categories such as the Champ Car World Series, Indy Racing League and in Formula One itself [1999-2000] and it is our intention to offer a world class, professional and fair service to all involved. "Bridgestone's continued involvement in Formula One is very important to us for several reasons. Not only does it provide us with a global platform for promoting our brand but it also enables us to continue to promote our messages of tyre and road safety both on racing tracks and on normal roads. Bridgestone's work with the FIA Foundation on the global road safety campaign, "Think Before You Drive" is very much part of our company philosophy and we shall continue to pass on the key messages of this campaign utilizing our continued involvement in Formula One."

Bridgestone in F1: Bridgestone is currently celebrating its tenth year as a tyre supplier to teams competing in the FIA Formula One World Championship. During this time 98 victories, 93 pole positions, 7 World Constructors" Championships and 7 World Drivers" Championships have been taken on Bridgestone Potenza Formula One tyres. Bridgestone Corporation: Established in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi, the Bridgestone Corporation is now the world's largest manufacturer of rubber products and tyres for cars, motorcycles, trucks and buses. The company's diverse operations include the manufacture of golf clubs, tennis racquets, bicycles, industrial conveyor belts and marine fenders.

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