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Holiday Tyre Safety Checks

Dec 05, 2005

Motorists can make big savings these holidays by taking some useful advice from tyre manufacturer Bridgestone South Africa, who is offering the motoring public free tyre safety checks and a free tyre pressure/depth gauge through its family network of over 400 Autoquip, Speedy and Supa Quick dealers countrywide.

The offer is an ongoing part of the November launch of Think Before You Drive, a global road safety initiative by the FIA (represented in SA by the AA) and Bridgestone.

Bridgestone's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Johnny Kuroki, points out how simple it is to take some very basic and easy to do steps to ensure that your vehicle's tyres are safe for the journey.

"These are checks the motorist should be doing on a regular basis, not just when it's time for the holiday trip," says Johnny. "Before embarking on your trip, visually inspect your vehicle's tyres (including the spare) and the tyres on your trailer or caravan if you are planning to tow. Remember that prolonged periods of non-use can affect tyres.

"Look for excessive wear (the legal minimum tread depth is 1 mm although it's advisable to replace sooner " 90 per cent of all tyre failures occur in the last 10 per cent of a tyre's life) as well as sidewall damage, cuts and nails or other sharp metal objects that might be buried in the tread.

"When replacing ensure that you fit the same size as the other tyres.

"If you haven"t had your tyres balanced and the wheels aligned in the last

10 000 km or so, do this now. Incorrectly balanced tyres can cause an uncomfortable ride and steering vibration as well as reduced tyre life and possible damage to the suspension system.

"If your car pulls to one side it is a sign that the alignment is out. This will also affect tyre life and can damage the suspension.

"Check the pressure of your tyres before you start your journey. This must be done when the tyres are cold. Once you"ve done this, don"t change the pressures until after you"ve reached your destination. Heat build up is natural and is nothing to be concerned about, so bleeding air out of a hot tyre is not only not necessary but not advised at all.

"Don"t let tyre problems ruin your holiday. These simple checks will take little time and save you a lot in the long run," says Johnny. "And if you want to get the maximum use out of your tyres, corner and brake smoothly, avoiding sudden changes of direction, and drive at speeds that suit the road conditions.

"Driving safely and defensively will not only save your life, it will save you money.

"We invite motorists to visit any one of our over 400 Autoquip, Speedy or Supa Quick dealers countrywide for a free tyre safety check and tyre pressure/depth gauge. At the same time they can have their shock absorbers, exhausts and batteries checked as well," says Johnny Kuroki.

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