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New Bridgestone Performance Tyre Gurus

Jan 01, 2005

With the increasing number of high performance cars on the road today there is also a growing need for the owners of these usually very expensive cars to understand what brand and type of tyre is best suited to their needs. The tyre's "footprint" is not much bigger than the palm of a hand and it is all that stands between the occupants of the car and possible disaster.

Enter the Bridgestone Performance Tyre Guru.

"Bridgestone recognises that the high performance tyre market is unique and very different from other sectors of the tyre market. We also understand the importance of the dealer salesperson in assisting his customer to make the correct tyre choice.

"It is for this reason that we selected our top sales people from our best Autoquip, Speedy and Supa Quick dealerships around the country and thoroughly trained them in all aspects of high-performance driving as well as on our range of high-performance tyres and their application," says Minoru Kuroki, Bridgestone's vice president of sales and marketing.

"After attending a three-day intensive course at Kyalami and Zwartkops motor racing circuits and the Gerotek vehicle testing facility near Pretoria, that covered in-depth product training as well as high speed driving, car control and wet and dry handling and braking, successful salesmen graduated as Bridgestone-accredited PerformanceTyre Gurus.

"This means that our customers can now discuss their high performance tyre requirements with the assurance that they will be getting sound advice from a tyre expert who has "walked the walk" and is not just "talking the talk".

"The Bridgestone Performance Tyre Guru will be able to give his customer the correct advice for his own unique tyre requirements, from a comprehensive range of Bridgestone and Firestone tyres that has been designed to cover every high performance tyre application that could be encountered.

"So far we have appointed 74 Performance Tyre Gurus at dealerships in eight provinces and Namibia. Together with our already established 4x4 Fundi network (where we currently have 81 specially trained 4x4 tyre experts placed in dealerships around the country)," adds Kuroki.

According to Bridgestone there are five key areas that form the basis of sound advice when choosing tyres. These are application (how and where the vehicle will be used), tread pattern (to match wet, dry, mud, sand, on road or off road conditions), speed ratings (you don"t need a high speed rating when you"re traveling slowly over rough terrain), load ratings and size (big tyres look good, but the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations should be adhered to as they are calculated to enable you to get the most out of your vehicle).

"Personal safety, superior performance, extended tyre wear and cost savings, and increased fuel economy are just some of the benefits that accrue from choosing the right tyres for your vehicle and for the use to which you intend to put it," says Kuroki. "And, of course, the peace of mind of knowing that you have fitted the right tyres, which will contribute towards greater enjoyment of your vehicle."

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