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Bridgestone launches new 4x4 tyre

Jan 01, 2005

Bridgestone has added to its comprehensive range of off-road tyres the all-new Bridgestone Dueler D694 A/T, recently voted the best 4x4 tyre in the United States.

A rugged and stylish all-terrain tyre with aggressive, chunky tread, the Dueler A/T is designed to comfortably meet the needs of both the highway driver and the off-road enthusiast. It has the capability and appeal of an aggressive all-terrain tyre, while providing outstanding on-road performance, particularly in the wet.

Powerful grip and a smooth ride make the new Dueler A/T ideal for all 4x4 vehicles that need top performance in both the best and worst of conditions.

High density siping provides more edges to bite in wet conditions. The three- dimensional Z-shaped sipes, which extend to the base of the block, increase in length as the tyre wears to maintain bite for consistent grip throughout the tyre's life.

The tread blocks are shaped to equalise contact pressure distribution, thereby raising overall performance and reducing the rate of wear.

The 3D block design allows the tread blocks to grow in size as the tread wears down. This ensures consistent block stiffness and bigger contact area for positive steering performance and driving stability throughout the life of the tyre.

A special sidewall protector offers increased resistance to cuts and other road hazards, giving greater durability as well as combining with the aggressive tread design to enhance its appearance.

In a comprehensive survey of 10 different makes of tyre conducted by the American website, the Bridgestone Revo (as the Dueler D694 A/T is known in the US) was voted best all-round tyre. It came top in dry and wet traction, hydro resistance, steering response, ride and noise comfort, and tread wear. Log on to for all the details and the names of the competing brands the Revo beat.

In independent tests conducted at the Gerotek vehicle proving grounds west of Pretoria, the Bridgestone Dueler D694 A/T was pitted against its top American competitor. Ten exhaustive tests later, the Dueler came out on top scoring consistently higher than its rival in all areas of off-road performance such as penetration resistance, sand traction, noise levels, aquaplaning, wet braking, dry braking, wet handling and dry handling

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