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2003 MotoGP sponsorship revealed

Jan 01, 2005

TOKYO (February 22, 2003) -- Continuing from the successful year in 2002 Bridgestone Corporation confirms which teams they will be supplying tires to during the 2003 MotoGP season.

During 2002 Bridgetone supplied the race tires only to teams using 2-stroke engines [under 500cc], finishing the year with a creditable 12th place in the championship, in a season where the all new 4-stroke machines [under 990cc] dominated. The MotoGP is a pinnacle of two wheel motorsport and will be an even higher level competition in 2003 as all machines for 2003 will be the powerful 4-strokes.

Bridgestone Supplies the racing tires to the following riders, teams and machines in the 2003 MotoGP class:




# on Machines

Makoto Tamada

Pramac Honda Team

Honda RC211V


Nobuatsu Aoki

Proton Team KR

Proton KR [V5 four-stroke]


Jeremy McWilliams

Proton Team KR

Proton KR [V5 four-stroke]


The Pramac Honda Team launches it's 2003 offensive with the combination of last years championship winning five cylinder Honda RC211V and Japanese ace Makoto Tamada. This will be the Japanese rider's first year in MotoGP.

Proton team KR has an unchanged rider line up of Nobuatsu Aoki and Jeremy McWilliams. Both riders will campaign on the all new V5, designed and built by the UK based team.

Bridgestone will continue it's long and successful relationship with the GP125 class alongside it's MotoGP efforts, reinforcing the company's identity as the industry leader, particularly in the ultra high-performance market.

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