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Jan 01, 2005

This week saw thevisit of Mr Shigeo Watanabe the President, CEO and Chairman of the worldwide Bridgestone Firestone group to South Africa.His visit here was to commend the performance of the South African subsidiary,the sales of which have doubled since the acquisition by Bridgestone Firestone in 1997.

In spelling out the groups plans for the next 10 years, Mr Watanabe re-emphasised the groups global vision - to have 140 000 employees focusedon achievingTrust and Pride. "Through Pride in the companies achievements, and each employees personal contributions, Bridgestoneearns the respect of stakeholders at every level, be they the families of employees,shareholders, suppliers or ultimately, our most precious partners, our customers".

Mr Watanabe also reiterated Bridgestone manufacturing philosophy of being at the forefront of technical development, delighting customers through performance excellence. The capability of the local production facilities has been significantly expandedwith the introduction of specially developed equipment,ensuring that Bridgestone Firestone South Africa plays a significant part in the global export economy, living up to our mission of "Serving Society with Superior Quality"

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