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Bridgestone Modular Systems

Jan 01, 2005


Bridgestone is in the forefront of the development of pre-assembled modular systems, which are set to revolutionise the vehicle assembly business.

Pre-assembling multiple components in integrated modules offers compelling benefits for motor manufacturers and consumers. Modules simplify vehicle assembly lines and lower costs. They improve the interaction of components and can make new features possible.

A suspension module unveiled by Bridgestone late last year comprises tyres, brakes, shock absorbers and related components. It provides a safer, quieter and more comfortable ride.

Bridgestone's partners in developing the suspension modules are Akebono Brake Industry Company and shock absorber manufacturer Kayaba Industry Company. The company is negotiating possible supply arrangements with several motor manufacturers.

Bridgestone is also exploring applications for Firestone air springs, market leaders in truck systems, in suspension modules for trucks and large passenger cars.

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Bridgestone South Africa

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