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Big rubber on display

Jan 01, 2005

This week, Bridgstone Firestone South Africa (BFSA) unveiled what was at one time the biggest tyre in the world. The event took place at the Electra Mining show, held at the Nasrec Showgrounds, south of Johannesburg. Electra Mining is one of the top 3 mining exhibitions in the world, drawing international visitors from Mining, Electrical Engibneering, Power Generation and other related industries and 40 000 people per day for its exhibitors.

Bridgestone brought out the huge tyre, a 55/80 R 63 VRLS, specifically for its stand at the show. The dimensions of the tyre are staggering, and in fact there is no vehicle in this country big enough to take the tyre. (The tyres to the right of the 55/80 R 63 VRLS are themselves large truck tyres and note the size of the people in the bottom and middle photo's!)

  • Height - 3.192 metre
  • Width - 1.378 metre
  • Weight - 4.760 tons

This rolling mountain is only overshadowed by the manufacture of an even bigger tyre last year - again by Bridgestone Firestone - the mammoth 59/80 R 63 VRLS.

BFSA's commitment to the industry and the show resulted in over 80% of participating Origional Equipment Manufacturers fitting thier own equipment on display using Bridgestone or Firestone tyres. Our OTR (Off The Road) distribution partners, Maxiprest and Quality Tyres, played a major part in ensuring our exhibition was a success and that our participation met expectations.

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Bridgestone South Africa

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