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Major New Investment In PE & Brits Plants

Jan 01, 2005

At a glittering function at the Theatre on the Track at Kyalami to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Bridgestone Firestone South Africa, it was announced that a further R100 million would be invested in the Port Elizabeth and Brits plants.

The bulk of this investment will be allocated to the Brits plant, which produces passenger tyres for the vehicle export programmes of BMW and Toyota.  With this investment, the Brits plant will become one of eight Bridgestone plants in the world to be identified as a global supplier manufacturing facility.

This R100 million brings the total investment by Bridgestone Corporation Japan in South Africa to over R650 million.

Mr Takashi Wada, the newly appointed chairman and CEO of Bridgestone Firestone South Africa, stated that the Bridgestone Corporation of Japan recognised the importance of Bridgestone Firestone South Africa as a major player in the export market, not only to Africa but also to Europe.

When Bridgestone Corporation of Japan, the world’s largest manufacturer of tyres, took over Firestone South Africa in late 1996, it was the biggest single investment ever by a Japanese company in South Africa.

Bridgestone Firestone is the major tyre supplier to all South African motor industry original equipment manufacturers.

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