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Firestone Committed to Agri Tyres

Nov 17, 2014

Johannesburg (17 November 2014)

Firestone is committed to agricultural tyres. This is the message from Firestone parent company Bridgestone in the wake of a competing tyre company's decision to withdraw from the agricultural market.

"Firestone is the oldest agricultural tyre brand in the world and manufactures a wide range of tyres for almost all agricultural vehicles and implements," said Walter Roux, Business Development Manager Max T Solutions. "We strongly support South African agriculture and have made it a priority to engage with farmers, such as during the annual NAMPO festival in the Free State earlier this year, where our tyre specialists were on hand for several days to advise farmers on tyre selection and care."

Firestone farm tyres are freely available throughout South Africa and feature the results of extensive research into the characteristics needed in the field. For instance, the 23-degree tread design on Firestone tractor tyres reduce the time spent on the field, save diesel, less soil compaction and improved penetration resistance against field obstacles such as old crop stalks.

"And of course, Firestone is backed by Bridgestone, the world's biggest tyre company," Roux commented. "We welcome any enquiries from farmers regarding their agricultural tyre needs," he concluded.

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Firestone Verbind tot Landboubande

Johannesburg (17 November 2014)

Firestone staan bankvas agter sy landboubande. So sê die band vervaardiger se moedermaatskappy, Bridgestone, nadat een van sy teenstanders se landboubande aan die Suid-Afrikaanse mark onttrek is.

"Firestone is die oudste landbouband handelsmerk ter wêreld en vervaardig 'n breë verskeidenheid bande wat vir byna enige landbou voertuig of -implement geskik is," het MaxT Solutions se bestuurder van besigheidsontwikkeling, Walter Roux, gesê. "Ons staan sterk agter ons boere deur seker te maak ons bied die beste tegnologie en konstante ondersteuning" het hy bygevoeg.

Firestone se landboubande is vrylik beskikbaar en kan regoor Suid-Afrika bekom word. Elke band se eienskappe word volgens sy landbou doelwit bepaal. 'n Voorbeeld hiervan is Firestone se bekende 23-grade kap op sy trekkerbande wat die boer tyd spaar in die landerye en ook diesel verbruik verminder. Die moderne tegnologie wat in Firestone bande vir implemente en trekkers gebruik word, dra by tot rye wat meer reguit geploeg kan word asook minder grond kompaktering en hoër weerstand teen loopvlak penetrasie deur skerp voorwerpe.

"Firestone landboubande word deur Bridgestone, die wêreld se grootste bande vervaardiger gerugsteun," het Roux gesê. "Ons sien graag daarna uit om in die toekoms nouer saam met Suid-Afrika se boere te werk."

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