Bridgestone South Africa

Events & Sponsorships

Bridgestone isn’t just about bringing you the best tyre in the world, it’s about bringing you the best experiences you enjoy as well. We are dedicated to forming meaningful event partnerships, so that we are there with you on the road, on the stage and even on the run.

  • Muddy Princess

    Endangered Wildlife Trust

  • Kombi Karaoke

    Bridgestone red Kombi Karaoke graphic

  • BMW Car Club

    Bridgestone BMW Car Club event – White BMW handling on a dusty road

  • Olympics

    Bridgestone – World Olympic Partner 2018 - 2024

Bridgestone South Africa

About Bridgestone

The Bridgestone Group is eternally committed to serving society with superior quality.

The group will fulfill our responsibilities decisively. As you reach for the future, the Group will remain by your side.