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Endangered Wildlife Trust

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) contributes to South Africa's wildlife conservation management plans by identifying the magnitude and the impact of roadkill on a variety of species.

Bridgestone South Africa sponsors the Wildlife and Roads Project aiming to better understand the potential threat of roads on wildlife by assessing the frequency of roadkill of our wildlife big and small. As all park visitors enjoy try spotting the big 5 in our parks we need to consider the little 5 too. It is not easy to spot the little ones but with Wildlife and Roads Project we encourage drivers to keep a look out and keep to parks speed limits.

Fact from Study: “Of 201 vehicles, 67.7% of the drivers were not looking at the road, but rather scanning the bush for wildlife, and 49.6% of vehicles hit the fake animals”

Watch the part Episode about our involvement:

Bridgestone South Africa

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