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BMW Track Day

Start Date: 14 May 2011
End Date: 14 May 2011
Venue: Zwartkops Pretoria

A successful event took place on Saturday 14th May at the Leo Haese Centurion/Bridgestone/BMW Car Club track day held at Zwartkops. Besides the obvious fear of crashing, to which spectators were treated to two spectacular examples of this fine art, many new faces were seen on the track in both road and track cars. If the action on Saturday was anything to go by, it was all worth it in the end. Not only were there a vast array of very quick cars in the various classes, but the third round of the BMW Car Club Gauteng Club Racing Series was certainly an adrenaline-filled highlight of the day. For the first time, the second race started from an inverted grid from the first race finishing positions. Aside from Sav Gaultieri doing his traditional ‘one-man-wolf-pack’ at the front, there were scraps from lights to flag all through the grid. The Giannocarro family entertained aplenty with their 3 race-ready M3s, as did Mishal Sing in a frighteningly quick 120d.

The Bridgestone Hot Lap Car was arranged for spectators to be hustled around the track as passengers. The Hot Lap car did not stop as many of the spectators wanted to experience what it was like going around the track at high speeds. Although many frightened faces climbed into the car, in the end they emerged as new adrenalin junkies wanting to experience the rush again and again.

The next round takes place at Kyalami on the 9th of July.


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tyres in south africa