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High Performance Gurus - guruBMW.jpgBridgestone South Africa’s management recognizes that the high-performance market is unique and very different from other sectors of the tyre market. For this reason, we selected our top salespeople from our leading dealerships around the country and trained them on our high-performance range and the application of every tyre.

They got close to the tarmac on both the Kyalami and Swartkops race tracks, at the stomach-churning speeds. Then they were taken through every discipline at Gerotek, from wet handling to dry handling, from wet braking to dry braking, to the aquaplaning skid pan.

Now, who else would you like to advise you on the ultimate tyres for your high-performance car? Don’t settle for anyone other than a Bridgestone-accredited Performance Tyre Guru.

For information on the Bridgestone Performance Tyre Guru dealer in your area, please contact :

  • Bridgestone Retail at (011) 966 5900
  • Autoquip Tyre at (011) 634 7600
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