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Bridgestone's 4x4 Fundis - fundilogo.jpgThe booming leisure vehicle market is very brand and image conscious and it seems that often the 4x4 owner buys tyres and other related products for the wrong reasons, such as aggressive looking tread patterns, impressive size and prominent sidewall lettering. But the tyres or products of choice may be completely wrong for the purchaser's real needs. Enter the Bridgestone 4x4 Fundi.

Bridgestone recognises that the 4x4 market is unique and very different from other sectors of the tyre market. It is for this reason that we selected our top sales people from our best dealerships around the country and thoroughly trained them in all aspects of 4x4 driving.

After attending a five-day intensive course that covered in-depth product training as well as both on and off road driving training, successful salesmen graduated as 4x4 Fundis. This means that our customers can now discuss their 4x4 tyre requirements with the assurance that they will be getting sound advice from a tyre expert who has ‘walked the walk’ and is not just ‘talking the talk’.

The Bridgestone 4x4 Fundi is able to give customers the correct advice for their own unique tyre requirements, from a comprehensive range of tyres that has been designed to cover every 4x4 application that the varied and demanding Southern African conditions present to the adventure traveler, both on and off the road.

For information on the Bridgestone 4x4 Fundi dealer in your area, please contact:

  • Bridgestone Retail at 011 966 5900
  • Autoquip Tyreat 011 634 7600
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