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Bridgestone SA 4x4 Fundi Challenge 2011 Challenge Mechanics

The Bridgestone SA 4x4 Fundi Challengeis about 4x4 enthusiasts displaying various driving skills in standard production vehicles. This is a Motorsport South Africa (MSA) sanctioned event.

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Individual Entries

All teams entering the competition automatically enter the individual section of the competition and are therefore legible to win the daily event prizes on offer. Individual teams have to qualify by participating throughout the series, to be invited to the final event which is based on points scored in four events. The main competition prizes are awarded entirely on the team’s performance in this final event.

A team consists of only two people, one driver and one navigator.

Club Spirit Entries

Teams can simultaneously drive for their club and earn points towards the Club Spirit Competition
whilst driving as individuals. We encourage this strongly.

A minimum of 5 entrants is needed to qualify a club into the Spirit Competition, with no limit on how many can enter for a specific club. Points are calculated as follows; 75% of the members entered for a club must attend an event for the club to receive 100% of the attendance points, along with the top five scorers’ points’ contribution in each Club.

Attendance points weigh 50% and driver performances weigh 50% towards the Club’s score of a possible 100 points per event.

For example:

Attendance points: weight 50

Scenario 1: 7 out of nine teams of a Club attend an event, thus 77% attendance. This gives more than 75% attendance, thus 50 points.

Scenario 2: If 5 out of nine teams attend it only gives 55% of the attendance points, thus 27.5 points.

Driving points: Weight 50

Top 5 scores per club contributes 10% each, thus 45 points

The team in the first scenario earns 95 points and in the 2nd scenario only 72.5 points.

The series of events excluding the final event, determines the winner of the “Club Spirit Prize” part of the competition.

Rules and regulations

Description of a standard vehicle

  • This competition is based on a vehicle as standard with the following:
  • Is in the original shape as it stood on the showroom floor at the dealership.
  • Must be registered and road legal to go on South Africa’s public roads.
  • May be equipped with a centre and rear diff‐lock.
  • The height of the chassis ≤ 12.5% of the wheel base.
  • The vehicle must be equipped with low range gearing and four wheel drive.

Allowable accessories

The following accessories are allowed without incurring any handicaps:

  • Replacement aftermarket bumpers
  • Snorkel
  • Roll bar
  • Winch
  • Skid plate
  • Sidesteps or rock sliders
  • Canopies
  • Roof racks
  • Shocks
  • Exhausts
  • Aftermarket suspensions*
  • Changing tyres sizes or designs*
  • Spotlights
  • After market rear lockers
  • Two way radio

* The suspension or tyres don’t incur any handicap unless it influences the % wheel base ratio to height criteria. (See handicap section)


There will always be scrutoneering at the events. One or all of the following will be checked and it impacts on the teams points per event:

  • Bridgestone or Firestone tyres.
  • Medical kit
  • Recovery kit
  • Front and rear recovery points
  • Team dressed in current event clothing
  • Sponsor’s stickers on display
  • MSA licenses for both driver and navigator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • 1lt of water for every occupant
  • Valid License disk on the vehicle
  • Valid National driver’s license
  • Promotional Clipboard and pen
  • Operational seat belts
  • GPS with “breadcrumbs”
  • Engine compartment components must all be in a satisfactory working condition and not lose
    a. Belts
    b. Battery/ies
    c. Oil leaks
    d. Gaskets

Handicap & Bonus system

The aim of the handicap bonus system is to level the playing field so that driver skill is tested above vehicle capabilities.

The following accessory / actions carry a handicap:

  • Front Locker ‐30 points
  • Traction control system ‐30 points
  • DIY body modifications ‐300 points
  • Engine replacement with non standard ‐500 points
  • Vehicle change ‐30 points
  • Driver Change* ‐30 points
  • Navigator Change* ‐30 points
  • Vehicle height vs. wheel base ratio**
  • < 11% 10 points bonus
  • Between 11.01% to 12.50% Zero handicap
  • Between 12.51% to 13.00% ‐10 points
  • Between 13.01% to 13.50% ‐15 points
  • Between 13.51% to 14.00% ‐20 points
  • 14.01% and greater ‐30 points
  • Interfering with the obstacle markers ‐100 points
  • Interfering with the marshal’s duties ‐100 points
  • Moving away from your vehicle at an obstacle to spy on another driver’s approach lines or
    techniques ‐100 points

* The driver or navigator needs to obtain a valid MSA license to participate. Contact us well in advance.

** The Ratio to determine vehicle height is as follows:

  • Ladder frame chassis:
    Measure the ground clearance of the chassis in line with the back end of the front door and divide it by the wheel base measurement and calculate as a percentage.
  • Mono cock chassis:
    Measure the ground clearance from the floor board of the vehicle, not petrol tank, in line with the back end of the front door and divide it by the wheel base measurement and calculate as a percentage

The wheel base measures 2400mm and the height of the vehicle is 200mm
200mm divided by 2400mm x 100/1 = 8.33% thus 10 points bonus.
If the height was 320mm the equation works out to 13.33%, thus 15 points handicap.


Any team can protest, at no cost, as long as the protest procedure is followed in a civilized manner as per the protest form. The protest should be done before handing in the team’s score sheet at race control. Any team who has consumed alcohol, their protest will not be heard.

No verbal protest will be entertained.

Nonsense protests may result in the organizers asking a team not to participate further.

Protest is made in writing to the “Clerk of the course”

Driver / navigator

The Bridgestone SA 4x4 Fundi Challengeis a Motorsport South Africa (MSA) Sanctioned event and a competitor’s license needs to be obtained.

During the event, the team can decide per obstacle, who will fulfill the role of driver / navigator between them and this change carries no handicap points.

The navigator may be requested as per the instructions sheet or by the Marshal to remain or exit the vehicle during any of the driving stages.

When replacing a team member, the cost of the new set of official clothing will be for the team’s expense.

Point scoring system

A negative point scoring approach is used with every obstacle counting out of 100 points. The minimum score per obstacle will be Zero.

Every obstacle will have an information sheet describing what is expected of the team which lists in detail all the possible point deductions.

General deductions include the following and may be used selectively as per each obstacle’s information sheet:

  • Stopping in an obstacle ‐5 points
  • Roll back further than 10cm ‐5 points
  • Touching banner tape ‐25 points
  • Touching poles ‐25 points
  • Missing a gate ‐25 points
  • Interfering with an obstacle ‐100 points
  • 2nd chances ( only when stated) ‐50 points

Marshal Unit

Authority of the Marshal

You are a guest at the marshal point and the marshal is in charge. The Marshal will therefore instruct any team when to proceed and score their actions. The Marshal may stop any team, at any stage for safety reasons by means of blowing on a whistle, this means STOP IMMEDIATELY.


The Marshal may request any person to leave his marshalling area due to interferences. If any such person is a guest / passenger of a specific team, such team will be panalised.


Recoveries will be at the risk of the vehicle owner, thus the vehicle owner is in charge in the event of needing a vehicle recovered. The Marshal may offer assistance or request assistance from another team, depending on the degree of recovery required he or she will inform race control when needed.


The Series consists of a total of seven (7) Driving events of which the last event is by invitation to those teams who qualify. A scattered start approach is used with individual driver briefings.


A team’s top four (4) scores throughout the series of events will be taken into calculation for qualifying to the final. Only 30 teams will be invited to participate in the final.

Every event will consist of 10 obstacles

Guests / Passengers

All catering logistics is based on a two person team. If you want to bring along guests or children you are most welcome, however this may incur extra costs and we ask that you notify us well in advance to eliminate any embarrassment.

The number of guests / passengers in a vehicle is limited by the available working seatbelts.

Guest / Passengers can drive along with you on route, but may be asked to leave the vehicle when driving through point scoring obstacles as determined by the Marshal. Kindly consult with the marshal at the obstacle only when it’s your teams turn to partake and not before as it will be seen as interfering.

The guest / passengers behavior will be the team’s responsibility as certain actions may incur penalties to the team.

Guest / passengers will not be heard as witnesses if a protest is launched.

All guest / passengers must sign an indemnity document.


The cost per team to participate is as follows:

  • Registration (Once off) R650
  • Event entry fee per team R250
  • MSA license fee (As determined by MSA and the amount of cover which is taken)
  • Additional Clothing (Order once off on the entry sheet)
  • Costing may change without notice
  • All costs are payable at the event, at registration, in cash


All individual sponsorships must be cleared with the event organizers in writing via email.


Kindly note that normal road going insurance does not cover competitions. Please clear your participation with your insurance company upfront.

Promotional tyre offer

Bridgestone SA offer one set of 5 tyres, per team, at a promotional price. This is only available for the vehicle entered into the competition. Each team is to contact Johan Mostert directly to make the most of this offer.


This event is presented with a Safety first approach with sensitivity towards man, machine and the environment we operate in.

This is not a vehicle breaking challenge, thus an element of fun will be part of it, whilst we measure different driving disciplines.

The principle judgments, rulings and decisions are final and no verbal or written correspondence will be entered into after an event.

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