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Corporate Responsibility

Bridgestone South Africa has been involved in various social responsibility activites and are committed to making a difference in our communities.

MCG - Eco Drive Challenge

Corporate Responsibility - AryCoetzee.jpgMore than 150 Bridgestone teammates across South Africa have attended a three-part driving improvement course offered by driving skills company, An initial seminar on defensive and economical driving is followed by a 50-minute practical on-road training session for each trainee, showing how to put their newly learned skills into practice in preparation for a practical test that they take upon completion of the course. Participants showed positive results after only three months with an almost 13 percent saving in fuel consumption. After a two year period over 78% of the trainees reduced their fuel consumption showing an average annual saving of 7.5% for the group with some drivers achieving 20% savings compared to their pre-training fuel consumption.


Rally to Read

Corporate Responsibility - Rally2Reads.jpgBridgestone have supported the Rally to Read literacy development programme, in partnership with McCarthy, Financial Mail and the READ Educational Trust, for a number of years. We are proud to be involved in this annual programme to improve the quality of literacy teaching in remote, rural South African schools. Each year our employees join corporate teams who deliver reading & writing material to a group of schools in each province, travelling by 4x4 to these rural areas.

Brake and Tyre Watch

Corporate Responsibility - BrakeTyre.jpgBridgestone are committed to the safety of all road users in SA and as a partner of the Fleetwatch magazine initiative, Brake and Tyre Watch, aim to assist in the training of Metro Traffic Officers in order to reduce the number of unsafe and unroadworthy trucks or buses in all provinces. Tyre checking, efficient braking, maintenance on trucks like lighting and reflectives are covered on the training day; the second hands on testing day is to inspect trucks / buses taken off the roads at the local Municipal Testing Stations. Bridgestone SA educates on the Tyre aspect of the training with over 600 officials have been trained to date.

National Tyre Pressure Index

Corporate Responsibility - NTP.jpgBridgestone is strongly committed to Road Safety amongst all South African road users and have emabarked on conducting tyre pressure and condition surveys at various Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarkets around the country. The first aim is to gather data regarding the tyre condition of a representative number of vehicles in order to set a general benchmark - a National Tyre Pressure Index. Secondly, to educate the motorist on the importance of tyre care and safety, results thus far showing a slight improvement in the standards of tyre maintenace in SA, over the past 4 years. Over 5985 vehicles have been inspected countrywide with almost a 10% increase in overall findings of correctly inflated tyres.

SAPESI Mobile Library Project

Corporate Responsibility - ML.jpgThe SAPESI Mobile Library Project has received the support of Bridgestone SA with regards the replacement of tyres for their 80 mobile library vehicles travelling to schools in rural areas of each province. As many pupils do not have access to books in class or at home, these mobile libraries enable teachers and students to select reading and text books for their required grades on a weekly basis. Being able to read is the most important gift a child can receive and Bridgestone are pleased to make this committment.

Roadkill Research & Mitigation Project

Corporate Responsibility - RoadKill1.jpgUnder the Endangered Wildlife Trust, this project contributes to South Africa's wildlife conservation management plans by identifying the magnitude and the impact of roadkill on a variety of species. Bridgestone SA sponsors this project and aims to better understand the potential threat of roads on wildlife by assessing the frequency of roadkill in the northern Limpopo Province.

The Cape Leopard Trust

Corporate Responsibility - CapeLeopardTrust.jpgBridgestone are proud supporters of The Cape Leopard Trust who manage a conservation programme in the Western Cape centred on the unique Cape mountain leopard. The Trust is also dedicated to educating and encouraging the youth and take primary school children into nature to experience the environment and conservation. During the recent Elizabethfontein school visit, Bridgestone joined the experience at the Cederberg mountains camp to experience the habitat, rock art, hiking trail and sky gazing activities.

Bridging For Life

Bridgestone SA have committed to develop 53 young potential leaders from a local high school by being part of the Valued Citizens Initiative, which creates togetherness through tust and open communication, giving children a platform to thrive and become responsible adults. This programme will help to build-up future leaders from previously disadvantaged communities.

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